Class of 1965 50/51-year reunion

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50-year reunion in 2016

Who could imagine that a bunch of 68-year-old people could pack so much fun into one weekend? But the Class of 1966 knows how.

On Friday, June 10, 2016, the class met at the Pine Avenue shelters of Roberts Park for the opening of the weekend of Cabool High School's Class of 1966 50th reunion. Jim Kile cooked 70 pounds of pork (he would tell you it was “road kill”) for pulled pork sandwiches. Classmates brought sides, salads and desserts, and it was a feast.

As people arrived, “Who is that Is it? Oh, my goodness, it is ____” was heard over and over as classmates grabbed each other for long hugs and kisses on the cheek. It was wonderful seeing how old cliques of friends dissolved and everyone was excited to meet each classmate as they arrived, like they were their long lost best friend. It was heartwarming.

After a luscious meal, Jim Kile, Roger Lindsey and Patty Parker conducted a tribute to deceased classmates and released 20 brightly colored helium balloons into the air, as classmates remembered their friends and honored their memory. After lots more visiting, the evening ended with updates on the next day's four events.

Saturday morning the Class of 1966 met at the commuter parking lot at the “Y” junction and proceeded to Bonnie Davis Lincoln's farm on Malberg Road in the Pleasant Grove community for brunch. The entire kitchen was covered with the most wonderful breakfast foods which included quiche, various breakfast casseroles, biscuits and gravy, cherry tarts, fresh fruit trays, fresh veggie trays, coconut bread pudding, homemade cinnamon rolls the size of a saucer, and many, many other treats. Some sat on the back porch that overlooks Bonnie's beautiful yard, koi pond, dove aviary, flower and vegetables gardens, cow fields and lake. Others picked a spot under the enormous shade tree in the front yard or the front porch itself. Still others a bit less adventurous chose to stay in the air conditioning. But everyone mingled from place to place and greeted still more classmates that were just arriving in Cabool and hadn't made it to the opening picnic at Roberts Park. Pleasant Grove Elementary School classmates, no doubt, felt very at home on Malberg Road, not far from their old elementary school.

Later in the afternoon, the group met again at the commuter parking lot and made a caravan out to Jim Kiles' man cave/hunting cabin in Elk Creek. Many of our classmates attended school in Elk Creek through the eighth grade and we passed right by their old school setting on the way to Jim's cabin. Thirty acres of beautiful fields, covered with white daisies, black-eyed susans and purple wild flowers, a giant catfish pond and trails that winded past deer stands and gorgeous nature were the setting for many of the ‘66ers who chose to use the ATVs and golf carts to take a cruise through the woods. It was so much fun. Others found a cozy place under shade trees to visit or tour the cabin that is air-conditioned. It was a wonderful afternoon of adventure and visiting with old friends about what they've been up to in the past 50 years since they graduated.

At 6:00 on Saturday evening, the class met at Drury University's banquet room where our class president, Jim Adkins, acted as master of ceremonies. Lyn Gayer offered the blessing for a wonderful meal prepared by the culinary arts class from Gentry Residential Treatment Center and chef Brian Cody. The four courses of wonderful food included an appetizer of colossial shrimp on a spicy corn cake, with green avocado sauce drizzled on the plate and fresh pico de gallo. The second course was a wonderful fresh green salad with a cheesy bread stick. The main course was a four-ounce grilled salmon steak and six-ounce filet mignon over a bed of mashed potatoes with veggies on the side. Dessert was sticky toffee pudding with homemade vanilla bean ice cream and a caramel drizzle. The food was wonderful and the young men who prepared and served the food were just amazing. Some heavy tipping by the Class of 1966 insured that they would have several pizza parties or other rewards for their hard work and wonderful personalities.

A chef and servers' parade introduced the class to the wonderful program Cabool is blessed to have in the Gentry Center. Roger Lindsey and some of the people from Gentry spoke about the facility and the great work they are doing. The Class of ‘66 felt good in being able to give back to the community they all loved so much as students at Cabool High School. Seventy people attended the Saturday evening event.

The banquet room had been decorated with white tablecloths with gold tablescapes with three mini bouquets of fresh flowers in fishbowls and various blue and white containers. The flowers were arranged by Colleen Dorsey, daughter of Patty Stark Parker. The welcome table had three pictures of the class and nametags and more beautiful flowers. One picture was the graduation composite, another was a picture of the fourth grade class of Mrs. Beulah Ferguson, and the last picture of Mrs. Hallie Neff's fifth grade class.

A tribute to the class members who were wives of servicemen and the classmates and spouses of classmates who served our country was a very moving part of the evening. The women were asked to stand for recognition, then be seated, and the servicemen were asked to stand while the song “God Bless The USA” by Lee Greenwood was played. By the end of the song, everyone as standing to thank everyone for their service. Three of our classmates gave their lives during the Vietnam War. They were Charles Rich, Floyd Thoman and Eugene Miller. No other class from CHS paid a price higher than that. One of our classmates, Ward Montgomery, also lost his brother, Jackie Montgomery, in the Vietnam War. Our class is very proud of the dozens who served during that time from the Class of 1966.

A memorial tree with pictures of our deceased classmates was the focal point of the room. Twenty of the 79 classmates have already passed. Roger Lindsey and Patty Parker took turns reading a short biography of each one as Jim Kile lit a candle that was around the memory tree for each one.

Geraldine Grose (now Gerri Priest), who was the valedictorian of Cabool High School's Class of 1966, and Suzanne Grant (now Suzie Pyke), who was salutorian of the Class of 1966, and Judy Kelley (now Judy Lindblom) helped the class divide into teams for a “Class of ‘66 Not So Trivial Pursuit Game.” Thirty questions about the class and things that were happening at CHS were pondered while the entertainers prepared to perform.

Judy Kaye Salisbury (now Judy Polito) introduced the three acts of entertainment. First act was “Sonny and Cher” singing “I’ve Got You Babe.” “Sonny” was played by Glenda Nipper (now Glenda Malam) and “Cher” was played by Jim Kile. The second act was “Patsy Cline,” singing “She's Got You!” Patty Stark (now Patty Parker) played Patsy Cline. The final act was “Itsy Bitsy, Teenie Weenie, Yellow Polka Dot Bikini” sung by five brave men from the class. Roger Lindsey was the lead singer, Ward Montgomery was the Yellow Polka Dot Bikini who was afraid to come out of the locker, and Jim Adkins, Terry Geisler and Roger Rader were the chorus girls. Needless to say, the Class of 1966 had a lot of laughs and fun watching these three groups of entertainers.

A lovely book of biographies of classmates and contact information and the valedictorian's address from graduation night was given to each of the people attending and will be mailed to classmates who couldn't attend if they contact Bonnie Ray Daniels, who created them.

Closing remarks from Jim Adkins about the after party and Sunday activities were given and the main event was over.

The after party was held on Patty Parker's deck just a couple of blocks north of the Drury University campus. Who would have thought that 68-year-old people could make it through such a busy day and still have energy to have one more get together that lasted into the wee hours of Sunday morning? There was lots of time for great conversations between all the classmates.

Sunday morning, June 12, the Class of 1966 met at Cabool Senior Center for a private church service. Roger Lindsey was the songleader of old hymns. Glenda Nipper Malam had created a great little hymnbook for each person attending. Bonnie Davis Lincoln accompanied the group singing on the piano. Lyn Gayer preached a sermon that was very meaningful. The closing prayer was given by Aaron Remington, husband of Mary Beth Unger Remington.

A short tour of CHS was the next activity. Classmates enjoyed walking through the auditorium, reminiscing about classes that were held in that space, as well as assemblies, special programs, plays, and occasional pep assemblies. It brought back many memories of days at CHS. The band room with wild stories about the practice rooms and enjoying all the composite graduating classes pictures that line the main hall, stories of where classmates were when Mr. Seneker (“Chief”) announced that President Kennedy had been assassinated and many other memories were shared.

The group ended the reunion weekend at El Imperial for a delicious lunch that was enjoyed by all. One last picture and the event was over. Promises were made to get together more often and lots of hugs and goodbyes were shared.

51-year reunion in 2017

Held in September 2017

Left to right around the table:

Judy Kelly Lindblom, Fresno, CA

Bonnie Davis Lincoln, Cabool, MO

Melvin Geisler, Mtn. Grove, MO

Ron Hubbell, Springfield, MO

Richard and Roberta Frame Geisler, Houston, MO

Cheryl and Jim Kile, Billings, MO

Lyn and Mary Gayer, Houston, MO

Dave and Bonnie Ray Daniels, Lebanon, MO

Roger and Karen Rader, Springfield, MO

Patty Stark Parker and Steve Parker (taking the picture.

Classmates not pictured here, but attending Sat. at Jim Kile's farm in Elk Creek, MO:

Mary Unger and Aaron Remington, Casper, WY

Charlie and Sharon Points, Winona, MO

Jeannie Rust Bentley, Cabool, MO