2nd Annual Cabool Alumni Football Game - Summer of 2007

Post date: Sep 14, 2016 6:15:57 PM

The second annual Cabool Alumni football game was played on Saturday July 7, 2007. The game featured the Old Dawgs (classes of 1996 and before) against the Young Pups (classes of 1997-2007). It was a great game with a full stadium of spectators and many excellent plays from both teams. The final score was 7-6 in favor of the Old Dawgs. The roster shows 39 former players, however, a few more signed up on game day.

To view the team pictures and player names please scroll to the bottom of this page.

Blue tean front row from left, Monte Howell, Donnie Wells, Rob Brill, Bill Castleberry, Shane Nelson, Seth Nelson, A.J. Manning, and Jamie Miller. Back row from left, Brian Parker, Rex Dotson, Randy Jarrett, Chad Coble, Edwin Rogers, Mike Rader, Clay Hanna, Tom Walls, Tony Hamilton, Dan Flageolle, Michael Aldridge, and Burford Flageolle. (Cabool Enterprise Photo)

White team front row from left, Kyle Reese, Bryan Parmenter, Andy Reese, Jacob Hill, A.J. Parmenter, Nick Shelton, Tim Smith, Scott Hicks, and Eric Sloan. Back row from left, Dustin Ratterree, David Archer, Chris Marks, Zac Collins, Cory Rust, Jacob Estep, Charles Marks, K.J. Frame, Andy Denauro, and Tymon Bay. (Cabool Enterprise Photo)