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(Continued from front page)  This from Sari (Stark) Wright,

and doughnuts.  There will be parking in the front of the building and minimal parking in back for those needing to be closer or dropped off. Registration is in the hallway where military pictures are displayed. You can update your information, get a name tag, and pay $10 for yearly dues. Donuts and coffee are free. The program, business meetings, and auction, etc. Will all take place in the storm shelter.  Bernal Barr and guitar will lead us in music throughout the morning. Stephen Roberson will have a tribute to veterans. Hank Grosenbacher will be our auctioneer.

I would encourage anyone who has served in the military to get a picture to Allison Howe at the high school so she can get it on the wall prior to the reunion. She requests and 8X10 photo of a headshot in uniform, preferably official, but she will take an unofficial one shoulders up. She prefers you leave it with her but I can make a copy if necessary. If you would like to scan a photo, crop it, and email to her at Ahowe@cabool.k12.mo.us. She says that has the best quality. She also needs your name, your graduated, and branch of the military.

There are several classes getting together at the all-school reunion, so keep checking for details (see earlier fb posts) The next meeting of the Cabool Alumni Association will be May 10, at 5 PM, at the History Museum on Main Street, next to the drugstore. Thanks for all the help and there will be additional ways to help posted later.

Sari Wright”

Cabool Alumni President

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