Minutes of April 5, 2018 Alumni Meeting

Post date: Apr 9, 2018 10:53:46 PM

Financial report- $6,106.97.

Popcorn and bottled water were sold at the STARS production at the high school auditorium on March 16 and 17. We made $131.50 for 2 nights.

I was on Steve Forsythe's radio program March 22, Forsythe Forum, telling our plans for All School reunion. He wants another update closer to the reunion.

The newsletter is now out and can be seen on facebook at Cabool Alumni or online at alumni.cabool.k12.mo.us. Kirby Holmes reports we do need everyone to register on the new site. We will also have everyone sign in and register, if not done on the computer already, the morning of the reunion so we can update our information and get the latest news out to our alumni. We would prefer registration online. That would save Don Tottingham some time as he will, and has in the past, transferred the info from the sign up sheets to the computer. (He's a work horse). There are printed copies of the newsletter at the Cabool Enterprise office for those who cannot view it online. We would like class representatives to pick up copies and send one to the classmates needing one. We have a colored version of the newsletters online which includes class reunions that have been held since our last all school reunion. To have 500 newsletters printed in color would cost $759 and in black and white, $229.30. So, we went with the black and white and will have the colored reunion pictures available to be viewed at the all school reunion. Not having those extra pages in the newsletter will make it easier to mail as it had been pretty thick.

Donna Jones reported on how plans are progressing for the golf tournament. She has been collecting donations for a silent auction to be held Friday afternoon at 4pm. The public is welcome to go out to Wedgewood Country Club from 12:00 to 4:00 to spend the afternoon and bid on the auction items. There will be comfortable places to sit and visit. More details coming out later.

Myron Jackson is considering playing background music for the Friday evening get-together at the gazebo. He said he is looking for a second person to help so he can play requests. We discussed this and decided we would rather have just continuous music from the different decades and no requests. We still plan to have the food vendor and watermelon and snow cones available.

Saturday morning registration will hopefully be outside of the alumni gym so everyone can view the it easily. We want all to sign in, register and pay annual dues of $10.00. The dues go toward scholarships. Tours of the other buildings will be available, so come early.

A light breakfast will be in close to the registration area. Missy Dotson reports she is looking for donations for the breakfast.

The program this year will be in the high school auditorium. We will be happy to show off the new lighting and sound systems provided by the Cabool Development Foundation. The program committee is working on ideas. They will plan to honor the 1968 State football champs on their 50 year anniversary.

The parade marshals will be the 1968 football champs. We will have a special float for them and discussed gifts to be given to them.

The musical/comedy/lunch was discussed. Leslie Edwards is catering the lunch and presented 4 menu options. One was voted on at $9.00 per plate, including her 10% discount as she is an alumni. It would be peach glazed pork tenderloin medallions, roasted new potatoes, spring vegetable medley, sliced french bread and individual apple pie cups.

We got an offer to hire someone for a photo booth. We decided it was too pricey and may look into having our own photo booth.

The senior scholarship presentation will be April 27 at 1pm. We need to set up a meeting prior to that with the school counselor.

May 4 is senior breakfast. We decorate and present the seniors with a gift. This was discussed.

The next alumni meeting will be May 10 at 6pm at the Enterprise office.

Sari Stark Wright, alumni president