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1997 - 10 Year Reunion - 2007

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Hello everyone.  I finally had some time to enter all our addresses & Jamie added the photos to Shutterfly.  I hope you had a nice weekend and enjoyed the simple festivities.  Please continue to share ideas for our 15 year reunion - 2012. 

To view or order our group picture please go to

If you would like a full sized image, let me know and I will email it to you separately.  Then you can save it or print it out on your own.  Each picture is over 4MB, so I did not want to send them out to the whole group.

This is the complete list of our graduating class - 1995-1999. Please register here if you haven't done so.  Additionally, please feel free to share this with anyone who wasn't able to attend, so we can all get connected.

I hope your are doing well, and that we can stay in closer touch over the coming years. 

1987 - 20 Year Reunion - 2007

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CHS Class of ‘87 Gathers June 30, 2007

It’s taken 20 years but this was the first class reunion that was “comfortable.” We’re past the “who has what” and “how much we weigh.” What really matters is that we have spent so much time with one another and made so many memories together that we simply can’t  let those good times go. We were thrilled to get together, revisit those days and know just how blessed we are to be able to make more!

We gathered at the City Pool Park and enjoyed a partially catered barbeque meal for 75 people. Our kids are now (for the most part) old enough to swim by themselves. The kids had way more fun than they thought they would. They couldn’t imaging hanging out with so many old people… like us. But they did and they liked it!

That evening it rained about four inches! There were storm warnings all around us but we didn’t care. About 60 of us gathered at the Matherly farm for appetizers, drinks and a night of reliving old times. At one point, my husband said, “This is the loudest group of people we’ve ever had here!” It was true. We couldn’t talk fast enough! We knew our time was limited and we wanted to make the most of it. We had so much fun that we’ve decided to meet every three years. 
Those attending include:

Jeanine (Ellsworth) Brill
Shelly (Rader) Collins
Tom Collins
Kim Elliott
Jeff Engleman
Shawn Garritson
Marlene (Krambeck) Gray
Melodie (Gerkey) Hale
Carrie (Roberts) Henry
Matt Howell
Marcie (Ford) Ketonou
Teresa (Grose) Krambeck
Shelly (Combs) Kruse
Vicki Lucky
Tammy (Gayer) MacDonald
Libbey Malberg
Stacy (Skeen) Matherly
Sarah (Walls) Montgomery
Elaine (Dodd) Morris
Tami (Parker) Lyons
Ron Peabody
Brian Reese
Cheryl (Mayuga) Ridgeway
Molly (Rutz) Rothert
Tina (Andrus) Rust
Lisa (Hunter) Smith
Tom Smith
Rhonda (Shelley) Stephens
Earl Stuart
Juliet (Ellsworth) Swisher

1967 - 40 Year Reunion - 2007

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Posing in front of Cabool Post Office were Class of 1967 members, front row from left, Doris Darter, Linda Taff Vandivort, Carolyn Emack Beck, Karen Odom Brown, Karen Stapp Rader, Suzy Morris Altis, Liz Jarrett Durham, Becky Lindsey Taff, Loretta Mead Fox, Wendy Honeycutt Brown, Virginia Bloomer Kirkland, Etta Phillips Jett, Karon Surby and Jerry Killion; second row, Clinton Reed, Russell Lee, Larry Taff, Judy Mercer Ogletree, Norma Jean West, Chris Davidson Portell, Danny Middleton, Yvonne Etter Burch, David Sullivan, Edwin Neher, James Miller, Lyle Frisbee and Johnny Mitchem; back row, Amy Anderson Johnson, Ellen Baker Davis, Linda Rhodes Glenn, Floydean Young Carroll and Jessie Johnson Williams.

Class of '67 with pic
By Liz Durham

The Cabool High School Class of 1967 held their 40-year reunion Saturday, September 1.  Thirty-two classmates and 19 guests met at 5:00 p.m. at Sunnyside Cafe for a time of food and fellowship.  The Sunnyside served a delicious buffet, and the class enjoyed the cafe decor of 50's and 60's memorabilia with blue and white balloons and welcome posters provided by the class.  Russell Lee was the master of ceremonies, conduction class business and providing reminders of class officers, 60's happenings, etc. The sound system was provided by Neil Hamilton.  The class voted to provide a memorial brick at Alumni Park for each member deceased in the future or a donation of equal value if the member already has a brick.  The class has already placed an order for five bricks and one donation for deceased classmates Doug Carroll, Gary Cox, Carla Davis, Don Loughridge, Ronnie Peabody and Dale Shaw.  Name tags were made by Don Tottingham featuring pictures from the 1967 yearbook.  A reunion photograph was taken by Barbara Bunch.  Each class member present was given a booklet containing the current addresses and profiles of those who responded to the letter of inquiry.  The reunion dismissed at 9:00 p.m. with many lingering to visit longer.  Class members present were Amy Anderson Johnson, Anna, Illinois; Virginia Bloomer Kirkland, Mansfield; Ellen Baker Davis, Mtn. Grove; Doris Darter, Harrison, Arkansas; Chris Davidson Portell, Nashville, Tennessee; Carolyn Emack Beck, Greenfield; Yvonne Etter Burch, Springfield; Lyle Frisbee, Cabool; Liz Jarrett Durham, Cabool; Jessie Johnson Williams, Houston; Jerry Killion, Monett; Russell Lee, Cabool; Loretta Mead Fox, Springfield; Judy Mercer Ogletree, Mtn. Grove; Danny Middleton, Macon; James G. Miller, Cabool; John Mitchem, Cabool; Suzy Morris Altis, Sedalia; Karen Odom Brown, Mtn. Grove; Etta Phillips Jett, West Plains; Clinton Reed, Cabool; Linda Rhodes Glenn, Cabool; Daren Stapp Rader, Springfield; David Sullivan, Cabool; Karon Surby, Liberty; Larry and Becky Lindsay Taff, Cabool; Linda Taff Vandivort, Houston; Norma Jean West, Cabool; Floydean Yound Carroll, Cabool; Wendy Honeycutt Brown, Irondale; and Edwin Neher, Cabool.

1957 - 50 Year Reunion - 2007

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Left to right
Front Row: Yvonne Shannon Unger, Beverly Lay Matherly, Coach Ralph Scott, Carol Deeds, Patty Cullison Hood, Zella Fulk Mackey, Barbara Emack Sanders
Row Two: Gene Melton, Lee Gerean, Robert Skyles, John Unger, Kaye Skirvin Elliot, Frank Maczuk, Janice Wood Lowe, Roy Jones
Row Three: Claude Kitchen, Bob (Buzan) Sheperd, Joe Roberts, John Hanebrink, Doug Burgess, Neil Hamilton, Beverely Preston Wilson, John Cherry, Jenny Carmack Rader, Vernon Bay, Laura Kilpatrick Vaughn, George Ice, Terry Matherly, Ron Maness, Dennis Malberg, Glen Laffoon, John Elliott

Not shown, but attending our gathering in the park were: Bob Crowe, Doc Johnson, and John Hern.

On September 8th 2007, the Cabool High School class of 1957 gathered to celebrate its 50th year reunion.

Gathering that morning at the Alumni Park on the CHS campus the class braved damp and potentially rainy weather to greet one another and begin the reminiscing.  An exceptionally fine turnout allowed animated interaction among the classmates, many who had not seen each other for years and years.  Multiple simultaneous conversations rotated around the park throughout the morning.  Special guests Coach Ralph Scott and his wife Mary were the center of many prolonged conversations with all the graduates.

Organizers of the reunion had planned the reunion to coincide the the Cabool Bulldogs home football game with Galena Kansas football team.  So at two o'clock the class gathered at the specially designated section of Mitch Carmack stadium to cheer on their bulldogs.  Unfortunately by now even the presence of the renowned class of 1957 could not hold off the rain which began in earnest and lasted until well into the fourth quarter.  The class wishes to express its thanks to Mr. Chappell CHS principal and Coach McCrosky for their kind reception of the class and for allowing the public announcer to recognize the presence of the class and its members of the 1956 SCA champion football team that were in attendance.  Not to be outdone, the CHS Bulldogs fashioned an exciting game, winning 13 to 0, much to the delight of the '57 class.  It was a great afternoon.

Following the game the class gathered at the Christian church that evening to continue the good times.  The graduates that could not attend the earlier activities joined the class to set off further conversation regarding class antics while in school along with exchanges of family including children and grandchildren.  During the initial social hour classmates spent considerable time viewing memorabilia displays that had been lovingly prepared for the evening.  Following an official class photo and memorial to those of the class that have passed on, the class enjoyed a delicious catered dinner.  Following dinner, Master of Ceremonies, Mr. Roy Jones 1956/57 Student Council President led the class down memory lane.  Keynote speaker, Coach Scott noted what the class had meant to him while sharing his sharing his observations of the class and its accomplishment during and subsequent to its graduation.  Urged on by Roy, several classmates shared their recollections of highlights of the classes' four years at CHS.  All evening laughter and applause resounded throughout the hall as the stories revealed the serious and not so serious aspect of the years at CHS.

All classmates had a great day and many were reluctant to depart as the evening came to a close with the singing of the school song.  Since we can only have a 50th reunion once, all in attendance expressed their appreciation to the organizers for a job well done.  It it believed that all had a great time and will now have even more good memories to go along with those taken from the four years spent in the halls of CHS.

1952 - 55 Year Reunion - 2007

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The Cabool High School Class of 1952 held their 55 - year reunion Saturday, October 13, 2007 at the Cabool Christian Church. Shown in the photo of classmates and teachers that afternoon are: (front row from left) Loyce Lay Lance, Joyce Lay Parmenter, Iva Rust, Luella Cox, Joe Cox, and Margaret Grogan Atkisson; (second row) Peggy Darter Sigman, Jerry Brill, Earnest Ullman, Jewel Neighbors Howlett, Marjorie Goodman Taylor, Lynn Ullman Rust, Anna Lindsey Ledbetter, and Betty Preston Sigman; (back row) Gary Jones, Ronald Bay, Estel Ellis, Max Graves, Joyce Roberts Jones, Bart Hutcheson and Joy Ellison Lower. Not pictured are James Fulk, Ronald Bauer, Kathleen Hoots Scott, Maureen Martin Calvin, and Edgar McKinney.

Some of the members of the Class of 1952 rode in the October 12 Homecoming parade. Shown are: (front row from left) Bart Hutcheson, Lynn Ullman Rust, Loyce Lay Lance, Marjorie Goodman Taylor, Betty Preston Sigman and Earnest Ullman; (back row) Gary Jones, Jewel Neighbors Howlett, Joyce Lay Parmenter and Jerry Brill.

1973 - 40 Year Reunion - 2013

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The Class of 1973 met Saturday, May 25, 2013 to celebrate our 40th class reunion. The afternoon was spent visiting at Drury University in Cabool and included a meal and the taking of a group photo (shown below). That evening several of the classmates also gathered at the farm of Noling and Inez Malberg for games around a campfire and more visiting.

Classmates shown above are: (L to R), Front row: Randy Pearson, Donna Young Frey, Teresa Dale Bradley, Sherry Hoffman Linville, Sari Stark Wright,. James Jones, Dewayne Curry, Roy Sigman, Joe Coble and Bill Driscoll; Second row: Renee Pearson, Debbie Rogers Summers, Linda Canterbury Morgan, Bonnie White Lunbeck, Judy Thompson Flageolle, Claudia Estep Cooley, Wayne Jones, David McMahon, George Wells, Cathy Rust Smith and Bonnie Noel Thomas; Back row: Jerry Smith, Dala Brill Whittaker, Carol Rich Sanders, Becky Hines Swinney, Jolene Morse Carson, David Altis, Jake Vonallmen, Patty West Rader, Arthur Thomas Wilkins, Jim Norris, Frank Stringer, Nancy Kile Foster, Rob Rust, Rex Byrd and Gary Hancock. Not pictured are Dale Melton and Doug Carr.

Class of 1974 - 40 Year Class Reunion - 2014

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Class of 1974 - 40 Year Class Reunion - 2014

Class of 1967 50-year reunion

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Photo by Amy Anderson Johnson 

Front: Becky Lindsey Taff, Beverly Cramer Gould, Virginia Bloomer Roberson, Madeline Wells Miller, Thelma McCall Grout, Johnnie Mitchem, Glenda Hunt, Linda Taff Vandivort

Middle: Chris Davidson Portell, Donna Walls Farmer, Carolyn Emack Beck, Patsy Bucholtz Moore, Ellen Baker Brown, Karin Stapp Rader, Sherry Bennett Boyce, Karon Surby, Norma Jean West, Floydean Young Carroll

Back: Larry Taff, Lyle Frisbee, Eddie Plummer, Steve Roberson, Roy Carson, Craig Millham, John Barker, David Sullivan, Jerry Killion, Mike Rust, Lloyd Van Ellis, Amy Anderson Johnson. Also present at the reunion but not pictured were Karen Cox Brown and Dale Coble.

Plans for the 50th reunion of the Cabool High School Class of 1967 began with a meeting of a dozen classmates a year and a half ago. By the second meeting the majority favored a weekend reunion near Branson. As plans progressed excitement grew for the three day reunion at Rock Lane Resort, Indian Point, Missouri on September 22-24, 2017. The Table Rock Lake site provided beautiful and ample space for the gathering with the weekend weather cooperating for lakeside relaxation and visiting.

Thirty two classmates with guests totaling forty nine enjoyed a Friday evening “meet and greet” with a light supper being served by the resort. Saturday the classmates enjoyed a poolside breakfast and continued to visit renewing friendships and enjoying the lake setting and Branson activity. The formal and official 50th reunion class meeting was held in the resort pavilion Saturday evening with a buffet supper, visiting and music provided by James and Lisa Tarver of Rockaway Beach Missouri. Sixties music and dancing were enjoyed by many. It was decided by the class to have another reunion in five years and to join activities at the all school reunion next year in June. The class held a candlelight memorial service for those who have passed away. Gary Cox, Dale Shaw, Don Loughridge, Russell Lee, Doug Carroll, Carla Davis, Yvonne Etter, Ronnie Peabody, and Nancy Darter were honored and remembered with a lighted candle.

Sunday morning the classmates gathered in the resort’s outdoor pavilion for breakfast and a praise and worship service. Becky Taff led songs and sang “If We Never Meet Again”. Steve Roberson and John Barker each gave a Gospel message encouraging the class to be prepared for the final reunion. The class held hands in a friendship circle and ended the reunion with prayer and singing Amazing Grace.

Class of 1977 40-year reunion

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The Cabool High School Class of 1977 held a 40-year reunion on Saturday, September 9, 2017, at Roberts Park. Shown here are, front row from left, Patsy (Wood) Sigman, Wes Murray, Billy Reed, and Mark Harvey; middle row, Terry White, Dorothy (Rich) Halfaker, Jan (Glover) Fugitt, Cora (Evans) Clay, Judy (Ellis) Murray, Lisa Whitney Middleton, Michael Jacks, Regina (Sponsler) Williamson, Lynn Stringer, and Tonya (Dale) Lancaster; back row, Clay Sullivan, Mark Speake, Jeff Walker, Kenny Beltz, Brad Roberts, Joe Stark, Mike Harmon, James McGeary, and Jane Vonallmen Gittinger. Not pictured is Sherry (Dennis) Walker.

Class of 1972 45-year reunion

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The Cabool High School Class of 1974 held a 45-year reunion in July 2017. Shown are, front row from left, Deb Gaw Palis, Clara Evans, Dixie White Beller, Nancy Fogerson Draper, Janet Vonallmen Atchison, Martha Quinton Crabtree, Rita Johnson Freeman, Paula Graven Moore, Janice Hunt Garrison, and Joyce Hurley Brooks; second row, Ed Brewer, Cheryl Smith Simms, Steve Welton, Everett Beller, Dan Penner, Charles Stafford, George Busse, Jerry Bucholz, Linda Dixon Ferguson and Jeanne Murr Dixon; back row, Amos Freeman, Hank Flageolle, Carl Crabtree, Joe Coney, Tom Spitser, John Williams and Jerry Hood.

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